We love to support local business, through transportation fulfillment and resource allocation.


Bringing Cornerstone Coatings Global closer to you and your business shortening lead times and increases your ROI. 


One of our Mandates is to be accessible across the Globe. Through innovative market research and business structure we are able to expand and grow quickly.

If you are interested in having access to our product, get in contact with us.


We are very happy when our Customers are happy.


Check out the link below to see the full scope of our customer reviews!


Our Products are one of the most LEED friendly, environmentally responsible products in the market.

No hazardous waste disposal is a major benefit of ours compared to other liquid densifiers and cures.


Protec III: Original is also VOC Free, FOOD Safe and Meets LEED requirements.



Corporate Office:

Suite 2000 - 125 9th Ave SE

Calgary, AB - Canada

T2G 0P6

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