Hardener and Densifier/Sheds Water/Polishing Concrete

Use Dual-Tech as a final coat, in the Polishing Process. to great a water beading effect and stain resistance.

Protec III Chem RX

Hardener and Densifier/Curing Aid/Water Based/Finishing Aid

Protec III Chem RX is an multi-use product, that protect your concrete. Works as a Curing Aid, and leaves your Concrete natural looking.

Protec III (with Acrylic Membrane)

Acrylic Sealer/Hardens and Densifies

A Great Quality Product for Interior Concrete!

Works to eliminate Dusting of the concrete surface.

Leaving the concrete, Strong, more resilient, with a nice Natural looking shine.

Liquid Poly

Bond Breaker/Water Based

Liquid Poly is a water based temporary protective coating that forms a membrane to protect the surface from concrete splatter and staining.