Richardson Pioneer - South of Regina, SK.

  • Protec III Chem RX was used as a set retarder and finishing aid.  
  • Interesting project, the fertilizer storage shed concrete pad was poured before the structure went up.  On the day of the pour the weather turned for the worse, if you were going to the beach, perfect weather, but for pouring concrete out in the open prairies, not so good.The temperature went over 30C and the wind picked up dramatically, the surface was getting away on the concrete finishers, the day was going from bad to worse in a hurry.  Fortunately the redi-mix supplier had some pails of Protec III Chem RX in the back of his truck, they sprayed down the concrete slab and were able to finish the concrete floor without any problems.  Without Protec III Chem RX it would have been a very different story with a very hefty price tag attached.


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