Mosiac Stadium, Regina Sk,

Project by PCL, Regina.

Legacy Project.

  • Protec III Chem Rx was used as a cure and hardener for all the precast concrete seating area, concourse areas, ramps and hallways.  The original project called for a cure and seal and then a liquid hardener.  PCL was notified by Cornerstone Coatings that if they were to follow the spec, it would require the the sandblasting of the complete facility before the application of the liquid hardener.  Our suggestion was simple, use Protec III Chem RX and avoid all the nonsense and major expense.  Protec III Chem RX is a cure and hardener in one.  This was submitted and approved by the designers.  This is just one way The Concrete Sealer Experts work with their clients to make sure they have the right product for the right project, and in this case saving millions of dollars on unnecessary expense.  


The Concrete Sealer Experts